Company Financial Wellness


Financial education: The Black Swan Capital AIM Financial Wellness Programme for international employees. Demystifying the world of finance can empower you and your staff to better decisions and a happier living environment with better workplace engagement when you work with someone like Black Swan Capital Europe.

Research has shown that employee financial wellness can reduce employee stress, reduce absenteeism, improve job satisfaction and productivity. It is a benefit for companies and staff.

Black Swan Capital provides specific financial wellbeing programmes for three critical points of time in an international professional’s life in a new country. We call this our AIM plan:

  • Arrival, when someone has just moved to a new country;
  • Integration, when they are settled in; and
  • Moving on, when they are about to relocate again.

Speak with us about our tailored financial education programmes for international professionals at your workplace or association, the benefits are real.