This is not a new year’s resolution article.

The new year resolution is a rather cliché topic for this time of year, so we won’t write an article about that. Many people have gone into 2021 with a

The economics of Covid-19 and lockdowns

For our first article of 2021, we are taking a serious look at the economics of Covid-19 and lockdowns, and what it might mean for our societies and therefore for

4 lessons from 2020 and what it means for expat investors in 2021

As we come to the end of an extraordinary year, we want to wish you the very best of Season’s Greetings, however you are celebrating this time of year and

Seasonal Affective Disorder – what it is and how to address it

As we approach the winter solstice, with shorter days and the nights drawing in from mid-afternoon, the season can affect our mood. If you’re suffering from the winter blues, there

Employer Share Schemes – 4 things you need to know

Several of our clients are in the fortunate position of participating in employer share schemes. As many schemes enter their last trading window for 2020, we discuss some of the

Black Swan Capital win two Europe Best Practice Awards 2020

Black Swan Capital is delighted to announce that we have been awarded two European Best Practice Adviser Awards for 2020 by International Adviser. We won both the excellence in marketing

Special report: When is an investment opportunity too good to be true? 5 questions to spot the red flags

We are often asked by clients about investment opportunities they might have received from a friend, a special offer or even directly from a company promising high guaranteed returns (over

5 steps you can take if you are an expat in Europe and have been made redundant

If you are an expat or international professional living in Europe away from your home country, the prospect of redundancy can cause far bigger complications to your life. As economic

How your financial wellbeing is connected with your emotional wellbeing

As Coronavirus continues with many European countries enforcing stricter lockdown restrictions as we head into winter, we think it is an important time to talk about emotional wellbeing. 2020 has

US Election: 5 ways it could affect your investments

It is impossible to avoid news about the US election at the moment. Wherever you live and whatever your nationality, I’m sure you have at least some understanding of the

4 risks and 4 actions for expats in Europe with a UK bank account

Although Brexit has officially already happened, we are in a one-year transition period where many of the rules in the new post-Brexit environment are still being worked out. A recent

Black Swan Capital Economic Update – 3 drivers that can impact expats in Europe

As we enter the final quarter of 2020, we are reviewing the global economy and investment markets. We look back at the prior quarter and the full year to the

The Black Swan Capital 6 investment principles for expats in Europe

The Black Swan Capital core investment principles Anyone that has worked with us will know the core principles that drive the advice we provide to expats in Europe. Here are

Essential information for all Americans in Europe – Get our new guide

If you are an American expat in Europe, you will know how difficult it is to manage your finances and stay on track with your goals. We know what it

4 Steps to Solid Investment Advice for Expats Living in The Netherlands

By Expat Republic interview with Edward Mainwaring-Burton Our Director, Edward Mainwaring-Burton was interviewed recently by Expat Republic on the subject of the best foundation financial and investment advice for expats

Why Investors should avoid chasing the latest investment trend

It is always tempting to follow the herd and put your money into an investment that has just risen; it may show a short-term performance that looks attractive. But it