5 questions expats need to ask before making investment changes

When it comes to investing, we always advocate starting with the end goal firmly in mind. Sticking with this position, it’s often best to create a tailored financial plan and

What’s next for international investors in Europe

With governments across Europe gradually easing lockdown restrictions, the critical question many are asking now is, what’s next? The decisions and actions that national and regional govts are taking in

7 ways your behaviours effect how you manage your money and how to take advantage of your biases

Imagine you have just won €50,000. But… you have the option of receiving your €50,000 windfall in 12 months’ time, or receiving a lesser amount today. Would you accept the

How to protect yourself and your money from scams during the coronavirus pandemic

We recently wrote about three ways to protect yourself during this Covid-19 pandemic in Europe in this article here. The point that raised the most discussion was the emergence of

Avoiding 2 big investor biases

At times of increased market volatility, whether markets are going up or, like this year, going down, there is a greater risk falling into investor biases. In this article, we

Great lockdown recommendations from the Black Swan Capital Europe team

In recent weeks we have all spent much more time at home than usual, and indeed than we would like to. The confinements of working, living and studying at home

3 practical pieces of advice for internationals right now

We are all getting used to social isolation and where possible and fortunate enough, working remotely, however we know there is a lot of concern among the international community in

Time and why it’s so important to every investment

Time is precious. Time and tide wait for no person. There’s no time like the present. I don’t have time for this. Our lives are built around time. We have

Diversification: what is it, why its important and how to manage it now

In the many video call discussions, webinars and in the articles we have written recently we have discussed investment diversification. In this article we explain what it is, why it

Concern or Opportunity

In these times of uncertainty and financial market volatility access to good information and communication are both so important. Like much of Europe we moved to remote working and social

Free webinars exclusively for expats and internationals in Europe

We host a series of regular webinars with the latest up to date information to make sure you stay informed about how financial markets, the economy and the decisions you

How to manage panic & uncertainty from market volatility

This week we are addressing the topic of Panic. We spoke about this topic in our latest video that you can find on our website here. There has been a

Investment Goals – Tractors & Track-Days

In the late 1950s, a now-infamous spat erupted between Enzo Ferrari, the eponymous sports car manufacturer, and Ferrucio Lamborghini, then a Ferrari client and head of an agricultural machinery firm.

Managing Volatility and What to do when markets go down

We are witnessing an increase in volatility in financial markets over recent weeks, due in main to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and we are receiving questions about what people

Financial Jargon-Busting For Expats

FYI, IMHO, there are far too many opaque acronyms in the world of finance. For many banks and financial service providers, the use of acronyms and jargon seems to be

When your career impacts your retirement plans and what to do about it

The rules of work and retirement are changing. We have written about this before here and new data backs it up: we can no longer bank on a guaranteed job