The second best time to invest

When’s the best time to invest? Have we missed the boat or is it worth waiting a bit? In short, nobody knows. I could really end the article right there,

10 positive ways to stay healthy while working from home

With the number of people with the Omicron variant of Covid still surging across Europe, it looks as though many people who are fortunate enough to do so could be

Investing for the Long-Run

How many times do you check your phone a day? A study carried out by Asurion revealed that American adults check their phones an average of once every ten minutes

Black Swan Capital Europe wins prestigious Excellence in Client Service award

Black Swan Capital Europe is delighted to announce that we have won the prestigious International Adviser Excellence in Client Service award, Europe. International Adviser is the leading publication for professional

3 essential things you really must know before paying someone’s debt

In its recent annual European Consumer Payment report, Intrum reveals that 43% of consumers believe that Covid will have a negative impact on their finances for at least another year.

The link between financial advice and better mental health

A recent study has demonstrated there is an “intrinsic link” between improved mental health and receiving financial advice. If you are an expat living in Europe, dealing with the many

5 important considerations for women and financial advice

We like to think that we are progressing well toward gender equality. But how close are we to reaching that in finance? Does financial equality exist? It often takes a black swan event

Update on the Black Swan Capital team

Our clients speak with some of us but rarely with all of us. As our team continues to grow, so we have collated a brief summary of the team at

8 powerful investment biases that could damage your wealth

In 2010, the popular New York eatery Serendipity 3 introduced a hot dog called “Foot-Long Haute Dog”, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive of all

What is stagflation and what does it mean for my investments?

In this article, we are going to go into a bit of economic theory, revisit an old phrase and discuss what it might mean for you as an expat in

5 scary financial mistakes and how expats can avoid them

It’s Halloween so, we thought we would stick with the theme and talk about some financially scary mistakes that can hit expats and how you can manage them. 1. Keeping

What to do when you receive an inheritance as an expat and how to make the most of it

Receiving an inheritance can be life-changing. It can provide you with the financial security to pursue your dreams or make significant changes to your lifestyle. However, it can be overwhelming,

5 really valuable ways financial planners help you that you may not have considered

When was the last time you paid to enjoy a meal in an expensive restaurant? With Covid, it might have been some time ago, but cast your mind back for

10 great financial habits that you could start today

According to author and personal development trainer Brian Tracy, research suggests it could take just 21 days of repeating an action to turn it into a habit. This could be

Who is most likely to ‘panic sell’ their investments and when you shouldn’t do it

We speak frequently about our philosophy behind investment management and financial planning and advice. Our approach is objectives based. That means the investment recommendations and advice we provide our clients

How much cash should I hold and the dangers of holding too much

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? And how much of your wealth should you hold in cash? Two very important questions often with rather different answers.