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We have written before about the temptation and false sense of safety that comes from following what everyone else appears to be doing when it comes to investing, by putting

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A detail buried in the Australian federal Government annual budget last week, has been uncovered and published in the Australian Financial Review by Emma Connors, and is causing angst among

5 scams criminals use to steal your money, and effective ways to protect yourself

According to the French media service, Connexion, there was a 400% increase in online shopping scams when France first went into lockdown in 2020. The nation’s postal service, La Poste,

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In this special article, we present ten perennial rules for expats when it comes to managing their investments. Irrespective of the stage in the investment market cycle, where the economy

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When you’re making financial decisions, it helps to get good advice, but who do you speak with? Some people speak with friends, or go to online forums to search for

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It’s a scene that’s familiar across Europe: spreadsheets piled up on the dining room table, laptop open on a kitchen worktop, and reports sitting on the sofa or the bed.

Here’s everything you need to know if you want a UK foreign national mortgage

Guest article by Altura Mortgage Finance According to government data, in 2019 there were approximately 6.2 million people with non-British nationality living in the UK and 9.5 million people who

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At this time of year, many expats receive an annual bonus in the form of cash, company shares or both. How you deal with this additional capital can have a

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Is the common saying “money can’t buy happiness” true? Research had said it was true to a point and that beyond a certain level of income additional wealth did not

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Inflation is one of those topics that is important; it can be quite impactful on your investments and spending power, but, for many it is not very interesting or exciting.

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We know that it can be particularly difficult as a US citizen living in Europe when it comes to managing your money. The US non-resident tax and reporting laws are

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The uncertainty of the last year, as the world has adapted to the many impacts of the coronavirus, the oil price war of 2020 and the impacts of Brexit, have

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5 ways to manage working from home so work doesn’t take over your life

For many people, the way we work has been through a seismic shift in the last year. Many expats across Europe have stopped commuting to their office and are now