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We host a series of regular webinars with the latest up to date information to make sure you stay informed about how financial markets, the economy and the decisions you

How to manage panic & uncertainty from market volatility

This week we are addressing the topic of Panic. We spoke about this topic in our latest video that you can find on our website here. There has been a

Investment Goals – Tractors & Track-Days

In the late 1950s, a now-infamous spat erupted between Enzo Ferrari, the eponymous sports car manufacturer, and Ferrucio Lamborghini, then a Ferrari client and head of an agricultural machinery firm.

Managing Volatility and What to do when markets go down

We are witnessing an increase in volatility in financial markets over recent weeks, due in main to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and we are receiving questions about what people

Financial Jargon-Busting For Expats

FYI, IMHO, there are far too many opaque acronyms in the world of finance. For many banks and financial service providers, the use of acronyms and jargon seems to be

When your career impacts your retirement plans and what to do about it

The rules of work and retirement are changing. We have written about this before here and new data backs it up: we can no longer bank on a guaranteed job

Top 5 issues if you live in Spain or Portugal – must read especially for Brits

Wherever you live in Europe as an expat or international professional it is important to keep on top of all changes in your country of residence. In this post we

Targeted planning and 4 actions to close the gap and get to your investment goals

When we are asked what we do, the best description of our services is that we help clients identify their targets– what is really important for them– and help them

One of the most important investment lessons – the power of Compound Interest

Here is the key message right up front: Small actions taken consistently over time can have a substantial impact. This is so important for anyone looking at their existing investment

5 reasons why expats are worried about outliving their pensions and 3 things to do about it

Retirement planning changes when you become an expat. Most of us have accrued pensions from our employers in our home country and often in the countries we are now living

What is Ethical Investing?

Do you want to make a difference to the world around you through your investments? It’s a request we receive more and more. How can I invest consciously? What does

2020 Happy New Year – How to achieve what is important to you

We wish you all a very happy and fulfilling New Year. What do you want to achieve in the 2020s? It is the time of year when we reflect on

Important News for Australian expats in Europe

If you are an Australian living in Europe and you still own property in Australia, you need to read this. Overseas owners of Australian property will lose capital gains tax


It’s a good time of year to be writing about Happiness, but it is something that should perhaps take more priority all year round. This post is inspired by one

Financial awareness and the importance of financial literacy

We post articles each week on various aspects of life as an international or expat in Europe in relation to managing your investment, pensions and your money in general. We

5 Reasons why you should Invest in Financial Education

Financial education for many people is one of those things that is important but never urgent and there is always something better to do, even if that is the housework!