Coping with Surprises

Sometimes, very rarely, everything goes exactly according to plan. Far more often, there are shocks to the system. Whether you find yourself away on holiday with the family and suddenly

Your Top 5 Questions this Month

With the summer holiday period officially finished, schools are back, working life has resumed and we are seeing a lot of requests for help as people get their financial lives

Investing Irrationally- Behavioural Economics

We recently wrote about risk profiling and how we align our clients’ goals to the dynamics of the markets and their assessed risk profile. You can read more about it

Your Risk Profile and Dynamic Investments

One of the first things we do with new clients, after discussing their needs, goals and what they want to achieve, is to do a risk profile assessment. It is

AIM for Financial Wellbeing for your International Employees

Companies are increasingly realising that investing in the wellbeing of their staff is not just a good and right thing to do but that it can also have positive returns

PFICs – What are they, and why do they matter?

Of all the confusing acronyms regarding tax issues for US-connected investors that are thrown about these days, PFIC is probably the most misunderstood. Even once you expand the abbreviation to

Why a Black Swan?

“Why the Black Swan?” It’s a question we are frequently asked. In this article we explain why we are named after it, or more accurately the Black Swan theory, how

The Links between financial, physical and mental health that you shouldn’t ignore

One of the great pleasures we have at Black Swan Capital is seeing the improvements in our clients’ lives from the application of good investment and financial advice. Whether our

Are You an Accidental American?

Accidental American. The term itself sounds a little comical, conjuring up images of slipping on a banana skin and somehow waking up wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots. The reality,

The top 8 questions to ask a potential financial and investment adviser

When you are considering engaging a financial and investment advisor, it is important you do due diligence to make sure you are employing the right person for you. These questions will

Top 5 reasons why you should use an independent financial and investment advisor

Manage Complexity: As an international professional your life is complex, straddling countries, currencies and maybe even continents. Income rates, tax rates and cost of living may be different. It is

A Fresh Approach

Black Swan Capital is an independent investment advisory firm dedicated to delivering investment advice for the specific and unique needs of expats and international professionals. We believe international professionals deserve