4 Steps to Solid Investment Advice for Expats Living in The Netherlands

By Expat Republic interview with Edward Mainwaring-Burton Our Director, Edward Mainwaring-Burton was interviewed recently by Expat Republic on the subject of the best foundation financial and investment advice for expats

Why Investors should avoid chasing the latest investment trend

It is always tempting to follow the herd and put your money into an investment that has just risen; it may show a short-term performance that looks attractive. But it

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Change is a constant. When living as an international professional, you have the added complexity of keeping up to date with the changes in the country in which you are

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How to get the best results from your investments – Know your Fees

In this article, we want to discuss a very important subject – fees and charges. Most people realise that nothing is for free and that to get expert service or

New ruling that could impact Accidental Americans in The Netherlands

A recent ruling by KiFiD, the Dutch financial services complaints bureau, places more pressure on all Accidental Americans in the Netherlands. What is KiFiD? KiFiD is the complaints institute for

5 reasons plants can mean healthier homes

If you don’t already have plants in your home, there are health reasons for becoming a little more green-fingered. Plants don’t only add to your interior design but can help

The Dutch Pensions Squeeze

The market instability in 2020 has been painful for lots of investors, but many people might have considered that their pensions would be shielded from much of the trauma. That

3 top considerations from Altura mortgage finance for expats with UK property

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If you are a US citizen living in Europe or an ‘Accidental American’- one of those people caught in the complex web of US government taxes even though you don’t

How much cash should I hold and the dangers of holding too much

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? And how much of your wealth should you hold in cash? Two very important questions often with rather different answers.

The benefits of doing nothing

Who would like more time? If you ask a group of international professionals in Europe this question, most will say they would like to have an extra couple of hours

Too Much Information: 5 tests to filter the good, the bad and the outright dangerous to make the right investment decisions

Now more than ever it is important to filter the vast flow of information we have all around us to be able to make good decisions regarding our investments. Traditional

June 2020 Black Swan Capital Market Commentary

At Black Swan Capital Europe, we see an important part of our job in supporting our clients to be the rational and objective consideration of market conditions. Though our focus

Understanding ESG Investing

In the world of investment, acronyms are everywhere. More frustratingly, they seem to change with the tides. The abbreviation of the moment is definitely ESG, but what does it represent

5 ways expats can manage their money after lockdown

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on all of us.  As we emerge from lockdown with restrictions easing across Europe, many internationals in are seeing the way they