3 things Americans in Europe should be doing right now

If you are a US citizen living in Europe or an ‘Accidental American’- one of those people caught in the complex web of US government taxes even though you don’t

How much cash should I hold and the dangers of holding too much

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? And how much of your wealth should you hold in cash? Two very important questions often with rather different answers.

The benefits of doing nothing

Who would like more time? If you ask a group of international professionals in Europe this question, most will say they would like to have an extra couple of hours

Too Much Information: 5 tests to filter the good, the bad and the outright dangerous to make the right investment decisions

Now more than ever it is important to filter the vast flow of information we have all around us to be able to make good decisions regarding our investments. Traditional

June 2020 Black Swan Capital Market Commentary

At Black Swan Capital Europe, we see an important part of our job in supporting our clients to be the rational and objective consideration of market conditions. Though our focus

Understanding ESG Investing

In the world of investment, acronyms are everywhere. More frustratingly, they seem to change with the tides. The abbreviation of the moment is definitely ESG, but what does it represent

5 ways expats can manage their money after lockdown

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on all of us.  As we emerge from lockdown with restrictions easing across Europe, many internationals in are seeing the way they

Top 3 issues for Australians living in Europe

For Australians living in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic we know that for many this can be an even more difficult time, especially if you are feeling alone, and a

5 questions expats need to ask before making investment changes

When it comes to investing, we always advocate starting with the end goal firmly in mind. Sticking with this position, it’s often best to create a tailored financial plan and

What’s next for international investors in Europe

With governments across Europe gradually easing lockdown restrictions, the critical question many are asking now is, what’s next? The decisions and actions that national and regional govts are taking in

7 ways your behaviours effect how you manage your money and how to take advantage of your biases

Imagine you have just won €50,000. But… you have the option of receiving your €50,000 windfall in 12 months’ time, or receiving a lesser amount today. Would you accept the

How to protect yourself and your money from scams during the coronavirus pandemic

We recently wrote about three ways to protect yourself during this Covid-19 pandemic in Europe in this article here. The point that raised the most discussion was the emergence of

Avoiding 2 big investor biases

At times of increased market volatility, whether markets are going up or, like this year, going down, there is a greater risk falling into investor biases. In this article, we

Great lockdown recommendations from the Black Swan Capital Europe team

In recent weeks we have all spent much more time at home than usual, and indeed than we would like to. The confinements of working, living and studying at home

3 practical pieces of advice for internationals right now

We are all getting used to social isolation and where possible and fortunate enough, working remotely, however we know there is a lot of concern among the international community in

Time and why it’s so important to every investment

Time is precious. Time and tide wait for no person. There’s no time like the present. I don’t have time for this. Our lives are built around time. We have