Bene Zurlo

Relationship Manager



I graduated from an interdisciplinary honours bachelor in 2020 with a specialisation in Economics, and I am now a few months away from a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Before Black Swan Capital I worked as Compliance Analyst at a tech start-up, and I am bringing that rigour and attention to detail to my work as Relationship Manager. I have just begun my career in the financial services industry, so I feel privileged to be working with and learning from David and Ed.



As an Italian I am in love with food so cooking is a big part of who I am. My other passion is stand-up comedy, I started performing in Amsterdam during my undergrads, and fun fact: that’s how first I met Ed. I also practice Feldenkrais, which is a movement method for better posture, and that comes very handy after a long day sitting at a desk.



  • Well-constructed arguments
  • Theatre and stand-up comedy
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • The smell of freshly baked bread
  • Making wine with my family in Puglia



  • TV advertisements
  • Sun dried tomatoes (they’re too tasty)
  • Demagogic political discourse
  • People eating crunchy snacks at the cinema
  • Patchouli perfumes

Spotlight questions

Perfect weekend:

London, for a play at the Shakespeare’s Globe, and the many many comedy clubs.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Puglia, obviously!

Favourite song to play in the car:

Heroes by David Bowie, with the car windows down

If I could be a fictional character I would be…

Captain Jack Sparrow

If I could turn an activity into an Olympic sport it would be:

I used to dabble in parkour, so… Parkour

When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:

Some combination of orange and dark chocolate

Three qualities that draw me to new people:

Passionate, outspoken, with a sense of humour

My pet peeve is:

Someone skipping the line

The best gift I received was:

The Game Boy Advance SP I got at 13 by family friends. My parents had a strict no-videogames policy.

Three people at my dream dinner party:

David Foster-Wallace, Robin Williams, David Sedaris

Three small things that make my day better:

Coffee, The Daily podcast, an unexpected postcard in my mailbox