Please note Black Swan Capital will never make unsolicited contacts to you to ask you to invest, or to share your personal information. We never make guarantees of returns or promises of returns. If you ever receive any contact that looks suspicious please cross reference the details with the information at the website of our regulator, the Autoriteit Financiele Markten (www.afm.nl) and call us directly at our Amsterdam head office.

“We provide clear fee-for-service investment advice and 21st Century solutions.”
David Bellingham
Chief Executive Officer, Black Swan Capital



About Us

Black Swan Capital is an award-winning independent investment advisory firm dedicated to delivering investment advice for the specific and unique needs of internationals.

Our team has extensive global experience delivering exceptional financial advice. We are driven by our client service ethic above all else, building long term ongoing partnerships.
Black Swan Capital is independently owned so our responsibility is to you, the client, and not to any financial institution.

Black Swan Capital B.V. is part of Black Swan Capital (Europe), which is a Buchanan Capital company. Buchanan Capital is an independent adviser and strategic partner for unlisted firms operating in the financial services industry.

Contact us to experience the difference. We are Europe’s first truly independent investment advisory business dedicated to the needs of executives, expats and international professionals.

Where Are You on Your Financial Journey?

You have recently arrived in a new city where everything is different, unfamiliar and sometimes outright strange. It can be as daunting as it is exciting.
This guide is to help you take the next steps and make the most out of your international life, whether it is a short term posting or the start of the rest of your life as an international professional.
Moving On
Just as there were a myriad of issues to manage when you arrived in your new workplace in a new country, when you discover you are moving on there are an number of impactful aspects you need to address for your financial wellbeing.
Company Financial Wellness
Demystifying the world of finance can empower you and your staff to better decisions and a happier living environment with better workplace engagement when you work with someone like Black Swan Capital Europe.

Our Services, Philosophy & Team

An independent and comprehensive service from an exceptional team...

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Why Us
We offer independent investment advice for expatriates and internationals, i.e. everyone living outside their home country…
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Our Philosophy
To ensure our customers truly receive the individual, independent advice we believe they are entitled to, we have developed an approach that really works…
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Our Team
A well rounded team of professionals, made up from industry experts and advisors, extensive global experience delivering exceptional financial advice…
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