“We provide clear fee-for-service investment advice and 21st Century solutions.”
David Bellingham
Chief Executive Officer, Black Swan Capital



About Us

Black Swan Capital is an independent investment advisory firm dedicated to delivering expert advice for the specific and unique needs of international professionals.

Our team has extensive global experience delivering exceptional financial advice. We are driven by our client service ethic above all else, building long term ongoing partnerships.
Black Swan Capital is independently owned so our responsibility is to you, the client, and not to any financial institution.

Black Swan Capital B.V. is part of Black Swan Capital (Europe), which is a Buchanan Capital company. Buchanan Capital is an independent adviser and strategic partner for unlisted firms operating in the financial services industry.

Contact us to experience the difference. We are Europe’s first truly independent investment advisory business dedicated to the needs of executives, expats and international professionals.

Where Are You on Your Financial Journey?

Every day, we speak with people like you who simply want to maintain and optimise the plans they have built to meet their financial goals. Click here to find out how we can help you towards a better financial future.
You have already taken the first step by identifying your objective. Whether you want to save for future costs, future income or a specific project, we are here to help. Click here to see how we can help you build towards your personal goals.
Moving On
Every journey begins somewhere. We want to be with you every step of the way. Click here to find out how we can help you identify your future goals and design the best route to achieve them together.
Company Financial Wellness
Every problem has a solution. Every difficulty can be a chance to learn and improve. We are here to help you now and we will be there to work towards your better financial future. Click here to find out how.

Money Matters Seminar

Tuesday 3 December 19.00
Herengracht 282, Amsterdam

Our Services, Philosophy & Team

An independent and comprehensive service from an exceptional team...

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Why Us
We offer independent investment advice for expatriates and internationals, i.e. everyone living outside their home country…
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Our Philosophy
To ensure our customers truly receive the individual, independent advice we believe they are entitled to, we have developed an approach that really works…
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Our Team
A well rounded team of professionals, made up from industry experts and advisors, extensive global experience delivering exceptional financial advice…

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