Black Swan Capital is an award-winning independent investment advisory firm dedicated to delivering investment advice for the specific and unique needs of internationals. 

Black Swan Capital is independently owned with no ownership by any financial institution, allowing us to make investment decisions based on the best outcomes for our clients. 

Our management have extensive global financial services experience and track record of looking after clients and guiding their financial lives. We are driven by our client service ethic above all else building long term ongoing partnerships with our clients. 

Black Swan Capital B.V. is part of Black Swan Capital (Europe) which is a Buchanan Capital company. Buchanan Capital is an independent adviser and strategic growth partner for unlisted firms operating in the financial services industry. (

We offer independent investment advice for expatriates and internationals, i.e. everyone living outside their home country. We know that living away from your home country can mean you have specific and unique needs to manage your financial lives. We also know that making the wrong decision can be very expensive. That is why we have tailored solutions wherever you come from. 

US Citizens and US-connected individuals and couples with complex international tax regulations and investment restrictions it is vital that you speak with a professional that understands how to ensure you are optimising your investments and that they are compliant with all the US requirements. We have extensive experience working with Americans. 

British Citizens- The situation for UK citizens is increasingly complex with issues such as Brexit, Pension rule changes, and residency tax rules being tested, meaning it is more important than ever to get the best independent advice.  

Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders or indeed wherever you are from, there are country specific issues that mean you need to be speaking with a team of professionals that know the complex web of regulations, taxes, investments and retirement structures to help you get the most out of your time living in Europe, whether it be permanent or just for a few years. We have expertise dealing with internationals from many markets. 

Our service is comprehensive- that means we look at your total life situation and focus on your goals. 

Our service is independent- our investment license is as an independent investment adviser. This means we look at the options across the market to determine what is best for you. Importantly it also means we have no affiliation with any fund or investment institution and will not accept commissions from any firm. Our commitment is to our clients. You will never be asked to lock into long term investment structures or be saddled with potential exit fees. Our clients call our service a breath of fresh air and the solution they wish they had years ago. 

It’s because you’re an individual… 

To ensure our customers truly receive the individual, independent advice we believe they are entitled to, we have developed an approach that really works. 

One of our highly qualified advisers will guide you through our process and ensure your financial plans suit your particular circumstances and objectives. 

The adviser works collaboratively with you, listening to your needs and aspirations and keeping you fully informed at all stages.


The SFFDR requires Black Swan Capital to be able to present underlying methods and calculations for integrating sustainability aspects in the provided investment services. At this moment Black Swan Capital includes ESG (environmental, social, governance) investment solutions in its approved product list, but not exclusively. This means we do not exclusively consider include sustainability aspects while providing investment services.

The Board of Management is of the opinion that there is currently not enough reliable data available to calculate the possible negative effects from sustainability on all investments available in the EU market.



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