You have recently arrived in a new city where everything is different, unfamiliar and sometimes outright strange. It can be as daunting as it is exciting.


This guide is to help you take the next steps and make the most out of your international life, whether it is a short term posting or the start of the rest of your life as an international professional.

Americans and Their Families in Europe

Whether you have just arrived in Europe, or have been here several years, this guide is designed to help you with the complexities of managing your money.

Company Financial Wellness

Demystifying the world of finance can empower you and your staff to better decisions and a happier living environment with better workplace engagement when you work with someone like Black Swan Capital Europe.

Moving On

Just as there were a myriad of issues to manage when you arrived in your new workplace in a new country, when you discover you are moving on there are a number of impactful aspects you need to address for your financial wellbeing.