We believe expatriates and international professionals in Europe deserve a better deal. So, we are changing the way financial services is delivered to internationals and expats in Europe.

We are a team of experienced, friendly, international professionals. We provide the highest levels of independent financial advice to expats and international clients, as well as comprehensive support and service.

Black Swan Capital is truly independent. We are the first firm in the whole of Europe that specialises in helping expats and internationals, and that has a fully independent investment firm licence. We have a clear fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Consistent and personalised ongoing support: Our entire focus is on supporting our clients. That means consistent and comprehensive ongoing service, advice, guidance and support to make sure the plans put in place work for you and keep working for you over time.

Transparent: Our clients love that we are completely transparent. No shocks, no surprises, no lock-ins. You always know upfront and in advance how much our services cost. And you can change or stop at any time. You only pay for our time and expertise. This also means we can access the best investments at the lowest prices because we never accept any commissions or payments from any product provider. These savings are passed on to our clients, directly into their investments.

Flexible: We know that flexibility is very important for international professionals and it is a key driver in our business. You never know when you may be asked to move to another country. We make sure our advice and recommendations give you the flexibility to adapt and change should you need.

Award-winning: We are delighted to have won many prestigious awards since we started. In 2022’s International Adviser Best Practice awards we won the Excellence in Business Strategy and Excellence in Marketing categories. In 2021 we took away the Excellence in Client Service award after winning two categories in 2020. International Adviser is the leading publication for professional financial services firms around the world. These awards reflect our underlying philosophy: we believe expats and international professionals in Europe deserve a better deal.

Industry-leading: We are all internationals ourselves, so we know what it is like to move countries, or live in a new city. We speak expat! We are also all highly qualified and boast decades of experience in doing what we love; giving our international clients the best advice.

Complexity made simple: We love taking your complexity and making it simple for you. We deal with the most complex international scenarios including:

  • US clients that have trouble finding somewhere to invest compliantly
  • British clients managing across countries
  • Anyone living outside their home country trying to coordinate currencies, life goals, pensions, future retirement plans, conflicting regulations and investments.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, free discussion about how we may be able to help you navigate the financial complexities of international life.