3 positive ways to stop inflation hitting you harder if you’re supporting family

You will probably have seen in the media that the average inflation rate across the eurozone reached 8.1% in May 2022, up from 7.4% the month before. This means that

Does money make the world go round, or keep you up at night?

How often do you wake up feeling tired? A 2020 study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of RestoreZ revealed that over 60% of Americans experience morning fatigue. Waking up tired

Come visit us at the new Black Swan Capital drop in sessions

We are in a complex global financial market in 2022. We have always believed that when there is heightened volatility and market uncertainty, whatever the cause, that we can add

Understanding the economic news and 3 questions to ask yourself about your investments

The economy is making headlines recently, so we are going to explain some of the key issues being discussed and what they mean for you as expats in Europe. We

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

Figures suggest that workers nearing retirement could find they’re facing a significant income shortfall later in life. Understanding how your pension savings will add up before you retire is crucial

How often are you celebrating your small wins?

Routine – a sequence of actions followed consistently. Studies show that highly successful people all swear by their morning routines that help them start the day with greater focus, clarity,

The FIRE movement and how it relates to financial planning

There is a small but growing lifestyle movement that takes the delayed gratification approach and applies it,  strictly to life. The FIRE movement is all about making sacrifices now to

5 effective ways to declutter your money and reduce stress

According to Psychology Today, evidence suggests that removing clutter from your life can boost energy, reduce anxiety and improve focus. While many of these outcomes concern decluttering at home, the

Exciting news from Black Swan Capital Europe

We want to tell you about an exciting development here at Black Swan Capital Europe. We aim to provide the highest quality solutions for all our clients, whatever your financial

Buzzword Busting: decoding economic updates, what they are really saying, and what is really happening in plain language

The more uncertainty there is in global financial markets, and volatility in asset prices, it seems there are more voices using lots of complicated language and jargon to try and

Is patience your most valuable financial skill?

Patience, put very broadly, is the ability to accept and tolerate delay without getting angry and upset. Never before have I known the importance of patience until I was told

10 positive ways to discuss finances with the one you love

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, households across Europe could see further increases to their cost of living during 2022. As a result, you may now be keeping a much

Why you need financial education in the workplace for your expat staff

The one life skill most people wish they were taught at school is practical financial knowledge, from how to budget and the importance of savings to how taxes work and

Is your biggest liability your perfectionism?

By Sue Said How many times have you heard someone describe themselves as a perfectionist? Perfectionism has become everyone’s favourite flaw. For something that supposedly holds us back, it’s fascinating

Why you need enough money in an emergency fund – but not too much

The European Central Bank recently stated that the Russia-Ukraine war would have a “material impact on economic activity and inflation”. This, it added, was due to higher energy and commodity

One in two investors admit to making impulsive decisions, and regretting it

While investment decisions should be based on facts, many investors find their decisions are sometimes influenced by emotions. Whether you’re excited about an investment opportunity, or worried about market volatility,