Two key elements expats must address when managing their money

It is important for expats and international professionals to keep a firm view of what is most important to them, what their goals and objectives are, and to understand what

5 steps you can take if you are an expat in Europe and have been made redundant

If you are an expat or international professional living in Europe away from your home country, the prospect of redundancy can cause far bigger complications to your life. As economic

Handling major life events as an expat

The chance to live and work abroad can be an enriching experience, bringing excitement and satisfaction in many ways. It also causes challenges and complexity. Black Swan Capital Europe have

Black Swan Capital on the expert panel at Amsterdam property event

We are very pleased to be on the expert panel for this exciting event for expats seeking to find out more about how to buy a house in the Netherlands.

Shaping the future – the big issues Central Banks are debating that can shape our future

We are zooming out this week to look at the big picture, at the issues that may shape our future, our lives, the economy and how we manage our money.

Staying the course

I am going to address 2 core investment principles in this article. 1) Investment markets go up and down over time. We know this for a fact and see it

What expats in Europe are asking in 2023

We thought it would be valuable to share some of the most frequently asked questions expats and international professionals in Europe have been asking us this year, so here they

How to protect yourself from scams if you’re an expat living in the Netherlands

Relocating to the Netherlands to live and work may well have been a dream for you, giving you the opportunity to expand your horizons and develop your career. However, living

Tracking your expenses to reduce stress

Inflation may be falling but it is still high and for many people, the increase in cost of living can cause stress when it comes to managing your finances. In

The cost of money – 3 ways you lose money when changing currencies

It seems odd to talk about the price of money. After all, money is what we use to pay for other stuff. Nevertheless, money is expensive. Moving money; changing money;

What the European sustainable finance package could mean for expats living in Europe

If you’re living in Europe as an expat, it’s important to know how the newly published European sustainable finance package could affect your financial decisions. On 13 June 2023, the

How your favourite things can boost your wellbeing

We would like to share an article we read this past week in The Conversation. It has real resonance for expats living in Europe in a still inflationary environment. It also

Sell in May and Go Away?

Is there any point to starting an investment in the summer? The old investor’s adage of ‘sell in May and go away’ refers to the cyclical trend wherein many markets

Understanding RISK when it comes to your investments

We are always told that all investments carry risk and that any asset can go down in value as well as up. We know that different people have different attitudes

The personalities of money management

We are passionate about financial education and avoiding financial jargon. There are core principles we value: access to good information that is clearly explained, and information that is backed up

3 ways behavioural science can help with your financial planning

When planning for your financial future, it is important to do so from an informed position. While working with a financial adviser is something everyone should consider, it doesn’t necessarily