3 important investment lessons the bounce back of the travel industry can teach you

A little over three years ago, towards the end of 2019, the world first heard of Covid. It wasn’t long before governments and health authorities across the globe realised that

Understanding the detail behind the headlines about banks

With much news over the last week about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and discussion around Credit Suisse, it is important to understand what has happened, and what it

Navigating investments as a US expat in Europe

For all US citizens living in Europe and for the many accidental Americans – more on this term below – it’s US tax reporting season. This is a good time

Investing over time for expats in Europe

Whenever we write about investment markets and the economy- and this has been true for me for 25 years- there is always something happening that has an influential impact on

How can AI affect investors in the EU?

Everybody is talking about Artificial intelligence right now, so we decided to take a slightly unusual approach with this week’s article. Our guest columnist is an experience-based, web-connected chatbot that

10 important financial expressions to teach your teenage children

Research by pension provider Aviva makes for interesting reading. It reveals that fewer than two-thirds (61%) of British adults aged between 18 and 24 have heard of the term “pension”.

Why it’s even more important for women to have control of their finances

There is a body of research that highlights consistently that women are found to have more concerns about retirement and meeting their income needs than men. Looking at some of

5 powerful benefits of working with a financial planning firm if you’re an expat

While it may not be an obvious link, an article by Reuters explains that the milder than predicted weather at the start of 2023 could be helping Europe’s economy. It

New year – new you, or new goals?

New year resolutions have been around for a while now – they date back to over 4,000 years ago when the Ancient Babylonians would celebrate the new year during the

2023 US Expat Conference

For all Americans- US citizens, and anyone that is US connected, or think they might be, this is for you. We are very pleased to be part of the 2023

Big picture view on why and how we invest

I was listening to a financial podcast recently on the psychology of investing, and the statement was made that financial success is more about behaviour than intelligence. This is a

4 key investment stories from 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, you may be reflecting on what the year meant for you. Like so many other regions around the globe, Europe started the year with

Black Swan Capital win excellence awards for 3rd year in a row

We are very pleased to announce that Black Swan Capital has been awarded two prestigious International Adviser Excellence awards as a leading firm in Europe. International Adviser is the leading

The two most asked questions of 2022 by expats in Europe

As we rapidly approach the end of 2022, in what has been an extraordinary year on global financial markets, we are looking at what expats in Europe are asking us

Are you spending or saving this holiday season?

It was estimated that Americans would spend around US$1 billion on turkeys this year for Thanksgiving –equivalent to around 293 million Americans enjoying around 46 million turkeys. It, therefore, comes

3 important ways a financial planner can help you build a €2 million retirement fund

Research by Eurostat shows that the number of people aged 55 and above who are still working in the eurozone increased significantly between 2004 and 2019. According to its research,