The ups and downs of the stock market indexes – a really long term view demonstrates time in the market matters

This year the FTSE 100 index turns 40. Over the last four decades, it’s become a way to measure the performance of the UK stock market. During that time there

Cost versus Value in investing

When you’re making purchasing decisions, cost can be an important factor, but value is often just as crucial. Value is even more important when it comes to getting financial advice,

How the 2024 US election could affect your investments

On 5 November 2024,the US will vote on who will become their 47th president. Though it is not set in stone, following Trump’s caucus success in Iowa and New Hampshire,

Investing – Why not do it all yourself?

I’m serious. It’s not that hard. So many people in the world of finance and investing try to make it sound really difficult because they want to sound clever. Think

2024 – What’s in store and what you should do

The year is well underway, most people have returned to work or study, and the festive season break has become a fading memory. We have had the first meeting of

4 consequential ways your “second 50” might look different to previous generations

According to Eurostat, life expectancy at birth in the EU increased by 2 years for women and 2.9 years for men between 2002 and 2021. As people continue to live

Black Swan Capital Wins Excellence in Client Service Award- Again!

Every year since Black Swan Capital launched its services for expats in Europe, our work has been recognised in the International Adviser Best Practice Awards.We are delighted to again be presented with

3 Actions Americans in Europe should be doing to kick off 2024

If you are a US citizen living in Europe or an ‘Accidental American’ – one of those people caught in the complex web of US government taxes even though you

10 vital pieces of financial admin to do over the festive season

As the end of 2023 approaches, the festive season can offer a great opportunity to take some extended time away from work. Having a few days to yourself or with

Are you an Accidental American and if so, what you need to do about it

Accidental American. It’s a strange term, making one wonder how you could do something innocuous and accidentally become an American. The reality is that millions of people around the world

Our 2023 Wrapped investment questions!

With everyone talking about their Spotify wrapped playlists and most-listened to artists for 2023 this week, we thought we would create the equivalent of in terms of the most discussed

The GAS Principle and managing your investments

We often speak about the GAS principle with our clients, and it is pertinent in markets that are volatile, as we have seen this year. The financial markets have been

Become a better investor – with the help of a 19th-century Hungarian physician

  A 19th-century Viennese hospital may not seem like the most obvious place to begin when looking for practical ways to be a better investor. Yet, in the mid-1800s, the

How to avoid investor biases and reactive decisions

While investment decisions should be based on facts, many investors find their decisions are sometimes influenced by emotions. Whether you’re excited about an investment opportunity, or worried about market volatility,

Explainer: Fixed interest, what is it and how does it work?

We are following other recent articles in this series to break down financial jargon and explain a part of investing that can be counter-intuitive: fixed interest. It is often presented

Demystifying investment speak – what is the difference between risk and volatility?

We like to cut through the complexity of jargon that exists in the investment world and explain things so that everyone can understand. You shouldn’t have to be a finance