Are you spending or saving this holiday season?

It was estimated that Americans would spend around US$1 billion on turkeys this year for Thanksgiving –equivalent to around 293 million Americans enjoying around 46 million turkeys. It, therefore, comes

3 important ways a financial planner can help you build a €2 million retirement fund

Research by Eurostat shows that the number of people aged 55 and above who are still working in the eurozone increased significantly between 2004 and 2019. According to its research,

Getting your portfolio over the line

This week, Black Swan Capital Europe is proudly announcing our sponsorship of community-driven local rugby team Rugby Club, The Smugglers Velserbroek, in North Holland. We are big fans of rugby

How tracking your expenses can improve your wellbeing

In a year of economic uncertainty, market volatility and higher inflation, it may not be surprising if you find yourself worrying about finances more than you usually would. We are

Come to the How to buy a house in the Netherlands event

As goal based financial planners, we spend a lot of time speaking with our expat clients about their objectives and setting frameworks, plans and investments in place to help them

The Investment Marathon

There was once a Greek messenger named Pheidippides that was given an important task in 490BC. He was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the

ESG funds – 3 popular myths and why they don’t stand up to scrutiny

In November, world leaders will meet at Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh for the UN climate change conference, otherwise known as COP27. The two-week summit will see world leaders, politicians and experts

Come visit us at the Black Swan Capital drop in sessions

We are in a complex global financial market in 2022. We have always believed that when there is heightened volatility and market uncertainty, whatever the cause, that we can add

Financial compatibility – Love & Money

“Birds do it, bees do it, even over-educated fleas do it”. Cole Porter was talking about falling in love. When we move into a serious relationship and begin sharing our

What motivates you to save money?

They say that one of the most frequently discussed topics amongst the Dutch is the weather, and having lived in the Netherlands for almost a year now I can fully

7 key questions to ask about your investments

We are often asked about our Black Swan Capital approach to investment management and our financial planning approach across market cycles. In response to this, we present here seven key

5 effective ways to protect against identity theft

Earlier this year, Spain’s National Police Agency smashed a crime ring that used identity theft to target victims’ bank accounts, according to one media report. It revealed that criminals posed

Where to from here? The September 2022 Black Swan Capital market update

In this article we will discuss the markets and our outlook, but first a reminder… to ourselves and you, our readers. The great challenge for most investors is to manage

Employer Stock Participation – Silver Lining or Golden Handcuffs?

Equity participation schemes and stock-based income, once the privilege of senior executives and startup founders are becoming ever more common for employees right throughout the corporate pyramid. Should you be

Making sure advice fits like a good shoe

According to a 2020 study, around 50 million Americans participate in some form of running or jogging. Besides it being associated with many physical, mental and emotional benefits, running is

7 important life events that could affect your finances

It was one of cinema’s most enduring characters, Forrest Gump, who said: “My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to