Suzanne Said

Client Portfolio Lead



My first degree was in Mathematics and Banking and Finance which I read for simply because ‘I liked Math’. I joined Deloitte in my final year of university as part of the financial advisory team which marked the start of my career in finance. I followed up that degree with a Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management, and wrote my dissertation on the topic of sustainability.

I’ve always had an interest in sustainability and I am currently reading for CFA Level 4 which is a certificate in ESG Investing. I am very keen to be part of the transition toward a sustainable economy.



I am a very family oriented person – I make it a point to keep in touch and visit family as often as possible. I love the sea and am fascinated by nature. Sunsets and sunrises will never cease to amaze me.

I had never liked running but I started to run a while back to prove to two friends wrong. Now I dream of participating in all the major European half marathons, and maybe one full marathon one day (in the very distant future).

I take pictures of everything, print them and then place them in an album. I want a ceiling-to floor-bookshelf with a ladder (like the one from Beauty and the Beast) to hold all my recipe books, reading books and of course, my photo albums.

I never carry an umbrella around because I always lose it, but thankfully the rain doesn’t bother me (a plus when living in the Netherlands).

I am determined to learn Dutch by following recipes translated to Dutch.

What I did during lockdown


During lockdown I watched all of Suits and Friends, ran a half marathon, overtrained and injured myself twice, played cards with my mum, went for 7am swims, got stung by a jelly fish, crashed my car, grew herbs from cuttings, perfected my pie making skills, lost my dog, enjoyed staycations with my family, organised and printed all my photographs from 2016 till 2020, got run over by a motor cycle, moved country twice, won €1,000 euro, and counted my blessings!



  • Photos – taking them and printing them
  • Running
  • Cooking / hosting dinner parties
  • Maltese citrus fruit
  • Thoughtful gifts
  • Little notes



  • Spicy food
  • Low battery notification
  • Forgetting my headphones
  • People who complain
  • Judgmental comments
  • A menu with no gluten free options

Spotlight questions

Perfect weekend:

Very early morning swim (or hike if it is winter) followed by brunch and a catch up afternoon with a good friend. I enjoy evening drinks in a relaxed social setting but I also love getting to bed early!

Favourite Holiday Destination:

My favourite type of trip is one to the UK with my mum to watch a musical, eat and drink, shop, and just chat for three or four days. We normally decide on which musical we want to see and then go to the town where it is being shown and plan our trip from there.

Favourite song to play in the car:

Anything off my favourite playlist.

If I could be a fictional character I would be…

Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

If I could turn an activity into an Olympic sport it would be:


When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:

The gluten free option.

Three qualities that draw me to new people:

Their ability to make me laugh, intelligence and humility.

My pet peeve is:

Paying for parking.

The best gift I received was:

My dog.

Three people at my dream dinner party:

My late Dad, Jay Shetty and Will Smith (and his wife).

Three small things that make my day better:

A thoughtful text, a good run, a nice cup of tea.